Kosher Food Production Educational Resources

OU Kosher provides an array of educational content for companies who are new to kosher and those who are managing kosher food programs.

Zosi Marketplace - kosher food productionWhether your company is just beginning with kosher certification or looking to streamline existing kosher production processes, OU Kosher has partnered with Alchemy Academy to create the online education resources you need. Browse Alchemy’s kosher production courses here.

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Alchemy Academy,  a leader in developing courses designed specifically for the food industry. Alchemy Academy delivers industry training, continuing education, and career development for individuals — and it’s entirely online.

Managing Kosher Production is a flexible curriculum for all food production and manufacturing facilities. Specialized training for the bakery, beverage, and dairy industries is also available through Managing Kosher Bakery Production, Beverage Production, and Dairy production courses.

You can view the kosher courses and sign-up here.

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